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Your tailor-made service and maintenance agreement

Pactechno has been a specialist in the field of service and maintenance of all your equipment for over 30 years. We are the only player in the market brand independent and are able to draw up a tailor-made service and maintenance agreement for each customer for all your equipment. No doubt you have come to the right place to outsource everything carefree.

How are we doing? Good of you to ask. We are proud that within 24 hours after reporting a malfunction, we have a professional service technician at your premises to determine and analyze a problem on the one hand, and to remedy the problem or malfunction immediately if this is possible on site. Nevertheless, we prefer to prevent problems and malfunctions rather than remedy them. Our focus is therefore also strongly on preventive maintenance, which we include in all our service and maintenance agreements.

We would be pleased to put together a tailor-made package for your business situation.


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NEN 3140 inspection

Pactechno can help you so that all your electrical appliances comply with the inspection, but what is it? We're going to explain it briefly for you.

It is the responsibility of an employer under the Health and Safety Act to ensure that electrical appliances and tools are safe to use. It is also the employer's responsibility to ensure that personnel are adequately trained to use electrical appliances and tools safely. Everyone must be aware of the latest safety rules. The Occupational Health and Safety Act has elaborated all applicable requirements for employers in the context of electrical safety in the Norm NEN 3140. This standard provides rules and guidelines to prevent short-circuiting or electrocution during use. If your company complies with the NEN 3140 standards, you automatically comply with the health and safety guidelines for this as well.

  • It is important to know that it is not a successor to the NEN 1010. A NEN 1010 inspection is a one-off inspection for newly built or substantially rebuilt electrotechnical installations. A NEN 3140 is a periodic inspection of all installations used.
  • In fact, a NEN 3140 inspection is not mandatory. But as a company you have to comply with the Working Conditions Act, and for this purpose a NEN 3140 inspection is an option to comply with electrical safety. Key word for the NEN 3140 is "periodical", how often an inspection has to be performed comes from a RI&E from the NEN 3140.

In principle, the NEN 3140 consists of three elements

  1. Electrical devices must be safe to use
  2. Power tools idem ditto
  3. Employees who use the equipment or tools must be instructed in the context of safe use

Do you already comply with the NEN 3140 standards or are you curious how we can take the entire process out of your hands? Do not hesitate to contact us.